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Testimonials - Dr. Robert Rifkin, DDS - Beverly Hills, CA


Dear Dr. Rifkin,

This letter is to express my sincere appreciation for redoing my cosmetic veneers. When I originally meat you, I had been in extreme pain for over two weeks due to work done by a previous dentist that had resulted in my bite being completely off, loss of a permanent veneer and the need for two root canals. Your compassion and care throughout this crisis went above and beyond. You immediately changed your entire schedule to book me in the next day for service and you continued to communicate with me numerous times over the holidays and even while you were on vacation.

Being an owner in a medical company that also services patients, I know the importance of good patient care and delivering premium results. You and your staff delivered excellent results that have given me the smile I desired from when I first started this process and a bite without pain. I’m extremely happy!

These days so many dentists advertise about being able to deliver cosmetic dentistry but, as I discovered, choosing the wrong dentist can be a colossal mistake. That is why I will highly recommend your Cosmetic Dentistry to any of my friends or collogues. If any of your patients have any questions don’t hesitate to have them call me. I would be happy to tell them about my experience. I cannot thank you enough for the passion, care and expertise given to me.

Best Regards;

Laura L. Kiessling

I was employed by Dr. Bob over 30 yrs. ago and he is now my dentist.

His ego is simply not an ego, just a passion for his work which is the finest quality dentistry that he provides.

His training surpasses the average cosmetic dentist and it shows in his crowns which are not only esthetically beautiful and hard to ‘spot’ as ‘crowns’ on his famous patients in film and television, but are also functionally ‘bite’ perfect.

My case is quite difficult, I’ve had 2 TMJ surgeries due to a poor bite made worse by an orthodontist who knew very little about TMJ and aligning teeth to be functionally perfect.

I had years and years of pain in my ears, chipped fillings, cracked molars because my teeth whacking away every time I ate. Years later I had perio problems not because I didn’t floss but because of TMJ.

Dr. Rifkin studied with the best: Peter K. Thomas and Dr. Charles Stewart who were pioneers in Temporal Joint Dysfunction.

He works closely with the lab techs who create the crowns to be esthetically the right color and shape for each patients mouth and with a natural look to them. They look incredibly real and are hard to point out even to someone who has been in the business for years

If it isn’t to perfection, it is sent back without hesitation.

Pain? He is most considerate and pretty much pain free.

He is the best dentist money can buy.

He is a great person and wonderful dentist. And yes, he does movie stars teeth. It’s nice to know they like and trust him too.

Drs. Bob is the best and most caring dentist I have ever known.

Lois Kathleen B

Santa Monica