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Upper & Lower Anterior Veneers

Anterior Veneers on both upper and lower teeth can deliver the most immediate and comfortable result for restoring your smile. Dr. Rifkin has the worl...


Emergency Trauma Treatment

We never know when an accident may occur that can instantly change our appearance. When these events do happen, it is important to know who you can tr...


Correct Reverse Smile

A beautiful smile can be damaged by natural wear. A common malady is the changes that can occur in the curve of a smile. Restoring the natural anatomi...


Replacing Worn Teeth

Older style composite veneers can be replaced with new porcelain/ceramic materials to restore a youthful smile.


Upper Only Anterior Veneers

Anterior Veneers restore your smile quickly and effectively with minimal changes in natural tooth structure. Proper shape, texture, color and preparat...


Single Tooth Anterior

Many suggest that the most challenging of all cosmetic dental procedures is the single tooth anterior restoration. Many clinicians choose to treat adj...